Compared to daily traffic, more traffic accidents occur at night time. Night driving could be hazardous, yet in other places, driving at night is not even part of the training covered by the school and in the actual driving test. You could have a driver’s license and officially be hitting the road, but you don’t even know the things to consider once you drive at night. Whether you are a young driver or an experienced one, it is still important to check out the facts below to make sure that you will carry through safe driving, especially at night. Here, we focus on providing informative tips to our drivers out there and provide the best services we can so that our students and visitors will be knowledgeable about this matter to secure their safety while on the road. Here are the beneficial tips from Tulsa driving school about this matter that you must always remember and apply: 

Your headlights are multipurpose during night time 

Your lights’ responsibility is not only to help you see, but it is also used to let others see you. One of the typical causes why accidents happen in the dark is due to a driver who didn’t turn on his headlight just because he can clearly see the road. Sure, street lighting can help you to see where you are supposed to go, however, other people cannot see you. Moreover, you have to guarantee that your headlights are switched on even if your vehicle’s headlight is automatic.  

Estimating distance during nighttime could be challenging 

It is more challenging to estimate the distance at night since your eyes have cones and rods—cells that are sensitive to light. Cones are the ones that function well during bright lighting, however, the rods take over in low light. They then to be more sensitive, however, they cannot estimate distance. Generally, basic biology indicates that your eyesight will automatically be worse during nighttime regardless of how good you can measure distances at broad daylight. 

Seeing pedestrians is more difficult at night 

Pedestrians become invisible at night. Other pedestrians wear clothing with reflector once they are on duty at night, however, others don’t wear them at all. In dim light condition, all colors seem to be shades of grey, hence, somebody who wears blue jeans or a red coat would appear to be similar to the colors brown fence or green bush. Pedestrians are difficult to see at night except they are reflected against a source of light. 

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